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March 11, 2008


Lil' Bush - Season 2 on Comedy Central "Lesbian Freakfest" and "Big Pharma"
Casually watching most of the first season of Lil' Bush, I found them pretty amusing and even a little offensive to me a couple of times. Hey, finding something to put in a tv show that will offend Al Barger is a pretty fair accomplishment right there.

Lil' Bush and his cronies Lil' Rummy, Lil' Condi and Lil' Dick Cheney on Comedy CentralMaybe it's just that I'm paying closer attention to the preview DVD of the first two episodes than I did casually watching the first season, but the show seems to be even a little better all around than the first. The show started out as short webisodes for Amp'd Mobile, and has developed into a legitimate tv series. Lil' George Bush and his cronies are back for a 10 episode second season on Comedy Central starting with "Lesbian Freakfest" at 10:30PM Thursday, March 13, 2008.

The series dedicates itself gleefully to slandering hell out of Republicans. Hey, sonsabitches got it coming. Yet it seems that despite their better intentions Lil' Bush becomes more lovable, and the cronies more seem to be at least halfway real characters, with internal relationships and bonding and such. You might call it the Archie Bunker effect. Plus, you can usually almost halfway see a reasonable point in Lil' Bush's ideas of what he's doing - even if he tends to get them into things way over their heads with no idea how to make it work out. It's a preview of coming attractions.

They're certainly doing more with Barbara Bush as a character than I've ever seen in any medium. In theory, they're pretty disrespectful to Mrs. Bush and her husband - but really in a good clean fun kind of way. They screw with them, but it doesn't come across malicious. Barbara Bush here seems to know how to get her freak on.

Lil' George Bush, Rummy, Cheney and Condi give Lil' Al Gore a much deserved swirlieThe first scene of the new season of Lil' Bush has the Bush cronies at Beltway Elementary giving Lil' Al Gore a swirlie. If there was ever someone who had severe need of all the wedgies and swirlies in the land, it's Lil' Al Gore - who advocates saving up all week for one big bowel movement, the better to help the environment by not needing to flush the toilet so often. This was an outstanding idea, but I note that they missed the obvious point that they could have played it as the grade school equivalent of waterboarding.

Lil' George Bush waterskis over Lil' John McCain's tiger cageMaybe they're saving that for Lil' John McCain. He's not showed up in the show yet this season, but note this highly loaded image of partyin' Lil' Bush waterskiing over Lil' McCain in his tiny tiger cage.

The show is mostly about Republicans, but the Democrats get slapped around nearly as badly in some of this. As a crazed rightwing nutjob, my favorite moment of last season was when Lil' Hillary showed up in her nurses uniform, explaining that she did volunteer work after school at the abortion clinic - "just for fun."

Lil' Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, John Edwards, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry are mighty hunters

My favorite moment of numerous good choices in these season two episodes ("Lesbian Freakfest" and "Big Pharma") comes at the expense of the Democrats - and in a fairly real and significant point of perception and reality. Having been slandered as cancer causing traitors by the Lil' Republicans, Hillary and the Dems decided to go hunting to prove how tough they are. Of course, they can't use guns. Plus, they can't kill any animals - cause that would be mean. There's a big ol' world full of reality distilled into the prism of art when they show up at school with a handful of mushrooms and moss, expecting to be hailed as manly hunters. I don't think Parker and Stone could have presented that any better.

Points for Lil' Bush also on the basis of working harder to offend. They're using maybe some but relatively little cursing, or scatalogical and sexual content, certainly compared to South Park or Drawn Together. However, Al Gore's poo does show up as a character (in Condi's drug induced nightmare). Then there's the swirlie. I'll just say they go a lot lighter on the poo than do Terence and Philip.

Anyway, Lil' Bush works to earn their comic offense the hard way, keeping it mostly fairly focused on politics, with minimal easy appeals to sex and grotesquery. Thus, the "Lesbian Freakfest" is Lil' Dubya's description of the liberal all inclusive St Patrick's Day parade - where the diversity consists of Puerto Ricans, homosexuals and midgets (plus naturally all possible combinations) - but no actual sex.

Kevin Federline as MC Karl RoveI also want to send a special shout out to MC Karl Rove. He debuts in the "Lesbian Freakfest" as a disgruntled and of course extremely lame white rapper. In the best of the limited use they've gotten so far out of Barack, he makes like Simon Cowell as a talent show judge, publicly mocking MC Rove, "You're just not black enough." Obviously, the only possible casting for the voice of the worst rapper ever was Kevin Federline under his rap name K-Fed.

This political stuff takes a whole lot more thinking than average tv fare. I was particularly impressed with the short story of how and why the ancestor Bush started St Patrick's day by framing a leprachaun and allowing him to die for our sins. "Sounds like Texas justice to me," says Lil' Bush, "I LIKE it!" There's more thought and story to that minute of show than the whole stupid Family Guy series or a month worth of Jon Stewart.
St Dick Cheney with Democrats finally vanquished

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posted by Al at 3/11/2008 10:37:00 PM

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