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November 22, 2007


Andy Griffith Show Photos and Credits
Don Knotts, Ron Howard and Andy Griffith at the fishing holeOut here in Kornfield Kounty, Andy Griffith and especially Don Knotts are close to our hearts. Here's a guide to all the Mayberry related pages here at MoreThings:

The Andy Griffith Show on

Don Knotts 1924 - 2006

Don Knotts is beautiful

Andy Griffith Photo Gallery

Andy Griffith Show "The Big House" Images 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36

Besides my few humble pages, there are most of 1,000 pages related to The Andy Griffith Show on the website, including pages for every episode and every credited actor who ever appeared on the show.

Episodes -

Andy Griffith (265 total Episodes)

12/31/2006: Andy Griffith Marathon
11/27/2006: Andy Griffith Marathon
9/25/2006: Andy Griffith Marathon
9/24/2006: Andy Griffith Marathon
9/23/2006: Andy Griffith Marathon
9/11/2006: Andy Griffith Marathon
8/21/2006: Andy Griffith Marathon
8/14/2006: Andy Griffith Marathon
3/12/2006: Andy Griffith Marathon
3/4/2006: Andy Griffith Marathon: Tribute to Don Knotts: Best of Barney
11/27/2005: Mayberry-A-Thon
10/1/2005: Andy Griffith 45th Anniversary Celebration Marathon
8/6/2005: Marathon
4/1/1968: Mayberry RFD
3/25/1968: A Girl for Goober
3/18/1968: Opie and Mike
3/11/1968: Sam for Town Council
3/4/1968: The Wedding
2/26/1968: Emmett's Anniversary
2/19/1968: Helen's Past
2/12/1968: Aunt Bee's Big Moment
2/5/1968: Goober Goes to an Auto Show
1/29/1968: Barney Hosts a Summit Meeting
1/22/1968: The Church Benefactors
1/15/1968: Opie's Drugstore Job
1/8/1968: Emmett's Brother-in-Law
1/1/1968: The Mayberry Chef
12/25/1967: Goober the Executive
12/18/1967: Howard's New Life
12/11/1967: Suppose Andy Gets Sick
12/4/1967: Aunt Bee's Cousin
11/27/1967: Howard and Millie
11/20/1967: Andy's Investment
11/13/1967: Aunt Bee and the Lecturer
11/6/1967: Opie's Group
10/30/1967: The Tape Recorder
10/23/1967: Aunt Bee the Juror
10/16/1967: Howard's Main Event
10/9/1967: Opie Steps Up in Class
10/2/1967: Andy's Trip to Raleigh
9/25/1967: A Trip to Mexico
9/18/1967: Howard the Bowler
9/11/1967: Opie's First Love
4/10/1967: Goober's Contest
4/3/1967: Opie's Most Unforgettable Character
3/27/1967: Big Brother
3/20/1967: Howard, the Comedian
3/13/1967: Opie's Piano Lesson
3/6/1967: Goodbye, Dolly
2/27/1967: Helen, the Authoress
2/20/1967: The Statue
2/13/1967: Floyd's Barbershop
2/6/1967: Aunt Bee's Restaurant
1/30/1967: Andy's Old Girlfriend
1/23/1967: Barney Comes to Mayberry
1/16/1967: A Visit to Barney Fife
1/9/1967: Dinner at Eight
1/2/1967: Don't Miss a Good Bet
12/26/1966: A New Doctor in Town
12/19/1966: Goober Makes History
12/12/1966: Otis the Deputy
12/5/1966: Only a Rose
11/28/1966: Big Fish in a Small Town
11/21/1966: Opie Finds a Baby
11/14/1966: The Senior Play
11/7/1966: Politics Begin at Home
10/31/1966: Mind Over Matter
10/17/1966: The Darling Fortune
10/10/1966: Aunt Bee's Crowning Glory
10/3/1966: The Ball Game
9/26/1966: The Barbershop Quartet
9/19/1966: The Lodge
9/12/1966: Opie's Girlfriend
4/11/1966: A Singer in Town
4/4/1966: The Battle of Mayberry
3/28/1966: Goober's Replacement
3/21/1966: The Foster Lady
3/14/1966: The County Clerk
3/7/1966: A Baby in the House
2/28/1966: Eat Your Heart Out
2/21/1966: The Gypsies
2/14/1966: Look Paw, I'm Dancing
2/7/1966: Aunt Bee Learns to Drive
1/31/1966: Wyatt Earp Rides Again
1/24/1966: Lost and Found
1/17/1966: The Legend of Barney Fife
1/10/1966: The Return of Barney Fife
1/3/1966: Otis the Artist
12/20/1965: Girl-Shy
12/13/1965: The Church Organ
12/6/1965: Aunt Bee Takes a Job
11/29/1965: A Man's Best Friend
11/22/1965: The Cannon
11/15/1965: Aunt Bee on TV
11/8/1965: Hollywood Party
11/1/1965: Taylors in Hollywood
10/25/1965: Off to Hollywood
10/18/1965: A Warning from Warren
10/11/1965: The Bazaar
10/4/1965: Aunt Bee, the Swinger
9/27/1965: Malcolm at the Crossroads
9/20/1965: Andy's Rival
9/13/1965: Opie's Job
5/3/1965: Banjo-Playing Deputy
4/26/1965: Opie and the Carnival
4/19/1965: Opie Flunks Arithmetic
4/12/1965: The Luck of Newton Monroe
4/5/1965: The Arrest of the Fun Girls
3/29/1965: Aunt Bee's Invisible Beau
3/22/1965: Opie's Newspaper
3/15/1965: The Case of the Punch in the Nose
3/8/1965: Guest in the House
3/1/1965: TV or Not TV
2/15/1965: If I Had a Quarter Million
2/8/1965: Barney Runs for Sheriff
2/1/1965: Goober and the Art of Love
1/25/1965: The Lucky Letter
1/18/1965: Rehabilitation of Otis
1/11/1965: Goober Takes a Car Apart
1/4/1965: Barney Fife, Realtor
12/28/1964: Otis Sues the County
12/21/1964: Three Wishes for Opie
12/14/1964: Andy and Helen Have Their Day
12/7/1964: The Darling Baby
11/30/1964: The Pageant
11/23/1964: Goodbye Sheriff Taylor
11/16/1964: Opie's Fortune
11/9/1964: Barney's Uniform
11/2/1964: Man in the Middle
10/26/1964: Barney's Bloodhound
10/21/1964: The Education of Ernest T. Bass
10/19/1964: Aunt Bee's Romance
10/5/1964: Family Visit
9/28/1964: Barney's Physical
9/21/1964: Opie Loves Helen
5/18/1964: Gomer Pyle, USMC
5/11/1964: Back to Nature
5/4/1964: Barney and Thelma Lou, Phfftt
4/27/1964: The Rumor
4/20/1964: The Return of Malcolm Merriwether
4/13/1964: Fun Girls
4/6/1964: A Deal Is a Deal
3/30/1964: Divorce, Mountain Style
3/23/1964: Bargain Day
3/16/1964: Andy Saves Gomer
3/9/1964: Andy's Vacation
3/2/1964: The Shoplifters
2/24/1964: The Song Festers
2/17/1964: Hot Rod Otis
2/10/1964: Prisoner of Love
2/3/1964: My Fair Ernest T. Bass
1/27/1964: Barney's Sidecar
1/20/1964: Aunt Bee the Crusader
1/13/1964: Andy and Opie's Pal
1/6/1964: Barney and the Cave Rescue
12/30/1963: Opie and His Merry Men
12/16/1963: Citizen's Arrest
12/2/1963: Up in Barney's Room
11/25/1963: A Date for Gomer
11/18/1963: Opie's Ill-Gotten Gain
11/11/1963: A Black Day for Mayberry
11/4/1963: Gomer the House Guest
10/28/1963: Briscoe Declares for Aunt Bee
10/21/1963: Sermon for Today
10/14/1963: Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army
10/7/1963: The Haunted House
9/30/1963: Opie the Birdman
5/6/1963: The Big House
4/29/1963: Mountain Wedding
4/22/1963: Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
4/15/1963: A Wife for Andy
4/8/1963: The Rivals
4/1/1963: Barney's First Car
3/25/1963: Andy's English Valet
3/18/1963: The Darlings Are Coming
3/11/1963: Aunt Bee's Medicine Man
3/4/1963: Andy Discovers America
2/25/1963: The Great Filling Station Robbery
2/11/1963: Rafe Hollister Sings
2/4/1963: Class Reunion
1/28/1963: The Loaded Goat
1/21/1963: High Noon in Mayberry
1/18/1963: Opie and the Spoiled Kid
1/14/1963: Man in a Hurry
1/7/1963: Barney and the Governor
12/31/1962: One-Punch Opie
12/24/1962: The Bank Job
12/17/1962: The Bed Jacket
12/10/1962: Convicts at Large
12/3/1962: Opie's Rival
11/26/1962: Floyd, the Gay Deceiver
11/19/1962: The Mayberry Band
11/12/1962: Lawman Barney
11/5/1962: Barney Mends a Broken Heart
10/29/1962: The Cow Thief
10/22/1962: Andy and Opie, Bachelors
10/15/1962: Andy and the New Mayor
10/8/1962: Andy's Rich Girlfriend
10/1/1962: Mr. McBeevee
5/7/1962: Deputy Otis
4/16/1962: The Bookie Barber
4/2/1962: Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee
3/30/1962: Cousin Virgil
3/26/1962: Andy and Barney in the Big City
3/23/1962: Andy on Trial
3/19/1962: The County Nurse
3/12/1962: Aunt Bee the Warden
3/5/1962: The Merchant of Mayberry
2/26/1962: Guest of Honor
2/19/1962: Barney and the Choir
2/12/1962: A Medal for Opie
2/9/1962: Three's a Crowd
2/5/1962: Jailbreak
1/29/1962: The Jinx
1/22/1962: The Manicurist
1/15/1962: Bailey's Bad Boy
1/8/1962: The Keeper of the Flame
1/1/1962: The Farmer Takes a Wife
12/25/1961: Sheriff Barney
12/18/1961: The Pickle Story
12/11/1961: The Clubmen
12/4/1961: Aunt Bee's Brief Encounter
11/27/1961: The Perfect Female
11/20/1961: Crime-free Mayberry
11/13/1961: Opie's Hobo Friend
10/30/1961: Barney on the Rebound
10/23/1961: Mayberry Goes Bankrupt
10/16/1961: Andy and the Woman Speeder
10/9/1961: Barney's Replacement
10/2/1961: Opie and the Bully
5/22/1961: Bringing Up Opie
5/15/1961: The Guitar Player Returns
5/8/1961: Barney Gets His Man
5/1/1961: Quiet Sam
4/24/1961: Andy Forecloses
4/3/1961: A Plaque for Mayberry
3/27/1961: The New Doctor
3/17/1961: Ellie Saves a Female
3/13/1961: Andy and Opie, Housekeepers
3/10/1961: The Inspector
3/6/1961: Cyrano Andy
2/27/1961: Andy and the Gentleman Crook
2/20/1961: Andy Saves Barney's Morale
2/13/1961: Mayberry on Record
2/6/1961: Andy the Marriage Counselor
1/30/1961: Alcohol and Old Lace
1/23/1961: The Beauty Contest
1/16/1961: Those Gossipin' Men
1/9/1961: The Horse Trader
1/2/1961: Mayberry Goes Hollywood
12/26/1960: Stranger in Town
12/19/1960: The Christmas Story
12/12/1960: Ellie for Council
12/5/1960: A Feud Is a Feud
11/28/1960: Opie's Charity
11/14/1960: Andy the Matchmaker
11/7/1960: Runaway Kid
10/31/1960: Irresistible Andy
10/24/1960: Ellie Comes to Town
10/17/1960: The Guitar Player
10/10/1960: The Manhunt
10/3/1960: The New Housekeeper
Andy Griffith
Big City
Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith Cast

posted by Al at 11/22/2007 01:07:00 PM

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