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October 09, 2007


New Album Releases, 10-9-2007: Kid Rock, Debbie Harry, LeAnn Rimes
The biggest name album this week comes from Kid Rock. The cocky one now bills himself as the Rock N Roll Jesus. Generally, he ain't all that as any kind of musician. Still though, he did have a name making classic hit back with "Bawitdaba," all the more memorable when used as the soundtrack for the climactic scene of the infamous pilot of The Shield.

Deborah Harry Blondie photoDebbie Harry has the first album under her own name in some 14 years, Necessary Evil. Every note I've seen about this album has been very positive. Ms Blondie is now 62 years old, but thankfully she's not making pointless albums of covers of oldies or such. Sounds like she's still trying to push herself creatively, God bless her.

LeAnn Rimes has never much impressed me musically, but she's about the hottest chick in country music. The bits of her new album Family that I've heard sound like typical modern country pop music radio product. Still, you got to give the girl credit for her work ethic. At the age now of 25, by my counting this is her 15th album.

Hey Grandma, you're so young. Moby Grape, the eponymous debut from this San Francisco band, should have been a big deal, but the band never took off commercially. For my money though, I'd take them over their contemporaries in the Grateful Dead on the basis of superior songwriting, for starters. Their songs still sound fresh and tight, particularly the opening salvo "Hey Grandma."

Sundazed Music Inc has a new re-issue with bonus tracks, and a couple of other Grape albums as well. I'm glad to see what appear to be good re-issues of this classic and under appreciated group. On the other hand, I'm less than impressed with the $18 selling price for a CD that costs less than a buck to make, for an album that should by rights already be in the public domain.

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Here's the complete list of this week's major new releases, courtesy AMG:

Band of Horses
Cease to Begin
Sub Pop
Indie Rock

The Fiery Furnaces
Widow City
Thrill Jockey
Garage Rock Revival, Indie Rock

Kid Rock photoKid Rock
Rock N Roll Jesus
Rap-Rock, Hard Rock, Detroit Rock, Rap-Metal, Southern Rock

Jens Lekman
Night Falls Over Kortedala
Secretly Canadian
Swedish Pop/Rock, Indie Pop, Chamber Pop

Moby Grape
Moby Grape [Bonus Tracks]
Rock & Roll, Country-Rock, Folk-Rock, Psychedelic

Robert Wyatt
Conceptual Art, Avant-Garde Jazz, International Pop, Chamber Pop, Experimental Rock, Avant-Garde, Singer/Songwriter, Urban Folk

Vanessa Carlton
Heroes & Thieves
Adult Alternative Pop/Rock

Deana Carter
The Chain
Psychedelic Pop, Neo-Psychedelia, Pop/Rock, Folk-Rock, Country-Pop

The Modern Tribe
Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock

Cyrus Chestnut
Cyrus Plays Elvis
Neo-Bop, Post-Bop

Eric Clapton
Complete Clapton
Reprise / Wea
Album Rock, Pop/Rock, Adult Contemporary, Hard Rock, Blues-Rock

Stan Clarke
Children of Forever
Fusion, Soul-Jazz, Soul

Marc Cohn
Join the Parade
Adult Contemporary, Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, Pop/Rock

Credibility Gap
Bronze Age of Radio
Varese Sarabande
Satire, Sketch Comedy, Political Comedy, Observational Humor

Electric Six
I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me from Being the Master
Indie Rock

Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Brain Salad Surgery [Shout! Factory Bonus Tracks]
Shout! Factory
Album Rock, Prog-Rock/Art Rock

Grass Geysers...Carbon Clouds
Touch & Go
Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Noise Pop

The Gil Evans Orchestra
Out of the Cool
Post-Bop, Cool, Progressive Big Band, Modern Big Band, Modern Creative

Sara Evans
Greatest Hits
Contemporary Country, Country-Pop

Extra Golden
Hera Ma Nono
Thrill Jockey
Afro-Pop, Worldbeat

Faber Drive
Seven Second Surgery
Alternative Pop/Rock, Punk-Pop

Fatboy Slim
Soul, Roots Reggae, Pub Rock, Funk

The Gladiators
Studio One Singles
Rocksteady, Ska, Roots Reggae

Reinhard Goebel
Concertos for 4 Violins
Baroque Violin Concertos

Josh Groban
Classical Crossover, Classical Pop, Classical Pop, Adult Contemporary, Adult Contemporary, Vocal Pop, Vocal Pop, Holiday, Christmas, Euro-Pop, Euro-Pop

Brian Harnetty
American Winter
Sound Collage, Field Recordings, Radio Works, Tape Music, Musique Concrète

Debbie Harry
Necessary Evil
Eleven Seven Music
Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Pop/Rock, New Wave

Susanne Heinrich
Carl Friedrich Abel: Mr. Abel's Fine Airs
Classical Music for Viola da Gamba

Will Hoge
Draw the Curtains
American Trad Rock, Blue-Eyed Soul, Adult Alternative Pop/Rock

The Isley Brothers
I'll Be Home for Christmas
Def Soul Classics
Holiday, Contemporary R&B, Christmas

Patti LaBelle
Miss Patti's Christmas
Def Soul Classics
Holiday, Contemporary R&B, Christmas

Jennifer Lopez
Urban, Dance-Pop

Samara Lubelski
Parallel Suns
Social Registry
Alternative Folk, Indie Rock, Neo-Psychedelia

Claire Lynch
Crowd Favorites
Contemporary Bluegrass, Americana, Traditional Bluegrass

Andrew Manze
Schubert: Sonatas for violin & piano
Harmonia Mundi
Romantic Violin Sonatas

Cass Mccombs
Dropping the Writ
Indie Pop, Indie Rock

Moby Grape
Grape Jam [Bonus Tracks]
Folk-Rock, Psychedelic, Country-Rock

Moby Grape
Wow [Bonus Tracks]
Folk-Rock, Psychedelic, Country-Rock

The Naked Brothers Band
Naked Brothers Band
Pop/Rock, Teen Pop

Scout Niblett
This Fool Can Die Now
Too Pure
Indie Rock

Larry Ochs Sax & Drumming Core
Out Trios Vol. 5: Up from Under
Free Improvisation, Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Jazz

Luciano Pavarotti
Pavarotti Forever
Opera Arias

Lara St. John
Bach: The Six Sonatas & Partitas for Violin Solo [Hybrid SACD]
Baroque Violin Music

The Paschall Brothers
On the Right Road Now
Traditional Gospel, Southern Gospel, Black Gospel

Robert Pollard
Coast to Coast Carpet of Love
Indie Rock

Robert Pollard
Standard Gargoyle Decisions
Indie Rock

Prince Ali
Curb Side Service
Hiero Imperium
Underground Rap, Hip-Hop, West Coast Rap

Puddle of Mudd
Alternative Metal, Post-Grunge

LeAnn Rimes photoLeAnn Rimes
Contemporary Country, Country-Pop

She Wants Revenge
This Is Forever
New Wave/Post-Punk Revival, Alternative Pop/Rock

Mindy Smith
My Holiday
Contemporary Singer/Songwriter, Holiday, Christmas, Americana

Spank Rock
Spank Rock and Benny Blanco Are... Bangers & Cash
Underground Rap, Dirty Rap, Neo-Electro, Party Rap

Sunset Rubdown
Random Spirit Lover
Indie Rock

Van Zant
My Kind of Country
Album Rock, Arena Rock, Hard Rock, Southern Rock

Ohmega Watts
Watts Happening
Underground Rap, Hip-Hop, Alternative Rap

Chuck E. Weiss
The Other Side of Town
Roots Rock, Beat Poetry, Rockabilly, Rock & Roll

White Shoes & the Couples Company
White Shoes & the Couples Company
Indie Pop

Deborah Harry and Blondie
Blondie photo

Debbie Harry photo

Kid Rock, alias Robert James Ritchie
Robert James Ritchie

Robert James Ritchie aka Kid Rock

Kid Rock picture


LeAnn Rimes
photo of babe-a-licious country singer LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes wallpaper image


posted by Al at 10/09/2007 10:28:00 PM

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