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May 20, 2006


MoreThings Master Photo Gallery Index
Starting with the buildup last fall for the Johnny Cash movie, it has come to my attention that internet viewers just LOVE pictures. Since then, I've been working in pretty many thousands of images all different directions.

A lot of the best stuff comes from doing still captures from DVDs. It actually takes a fairly intense creative editorial effort. I try to sequence pieces of the progression of a movie scene or musical performance, getting as many of the key nuances as I can. For example, I've got probably a dozen or more images of the expressions on Piper Laurie's face as Carrie crucifies her mother in the doorway. Or look at the intense strains flowing through the 180 images from Elvis Costello's notorious 1977 Saturday Night Live performance of "Radio, Radio."

Anyway, I've accumulated bunches of new photo galleries at MoreThings in the last six months, but I need to bring them to the attention of folks what would be interested in such things. I'm already a top Google image return for Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis, among others. But I know there's an audience for, say, these Fats Waller pictures what just doesn't know they're here.

So to that end, I've created a MoreThings Master Photo Gallery Index. Some of these run to most of a hundred pages or more, including the Beatles, Frank Zappa, Johnny Cash, Reese Witherspoon and Hee Haw sections.

Here are the master page level entries to date, and some sample pictures:

24 Devil Whores: Jack Bauer's bad girls
Sherry Palmer - Devil Whore

Paula Abdul
Paula Abdul, Saturday Night Live Spartan Cheerleaders

Dave "Stringbean" Akeman
Dave Akeman aka Stringbean

Tori Amos
Tori Amos picture

fiona apple
Fiona Apple

Asylum Street Spankers

Lucille Ball
Lucille Ball

Barbershop movie image

BATF lambs of God
BATF children's pictures

Beatles butcher image

Candice Bergen
Candice Bergen

beverly hillbillies
Donna Douglas, Beverly Hillbillies image

blazing saddles
Blazing Saddles

James Blunt
James Blunt

Cab Calloway
Cab Calloway

mariah carey
Mariah Carey picture

Jesus Christ watches over Carrie

june carter johnny cash
June Carter and Johnny Cash wedding picture

ray charles
Ray Charles on Hee Haw

elvis costello
Elvis Costello on SNL, 1977

Dixie Chicks
Natalie Maines, Dixie Chicks image

Drawn Together
Drawn Together image

David Duchovny
David Duchovny, 1998 SNL image

bob dylan
Bob Dylan photo

Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood picture

flaming lips
Flaming Lips photo

Freaks wedding feast
Freaks movie image

Freeway movie
Freeway movie Reese Witherspoon Kiefer Sutherland

Phil Hartman
Phil Hartman 'poop chute'

macy gray
Macy Gray photo

andy griffith
Andy Griffith picture

hee haw
Hee Haw picture

Lena Horne
Lena Horne photo

Michael Jackson/Byberry
Michael Jackson on crutches

Rickie Lee Jones
Rickie Lee Jones photo

kd lang
sexy KD Lang photo

Piper Laurie Mother's Day with Carrie's mom
Piper Laurie photo

lesbian terrorists
lesbian terrorists

jerry lee lewis
Myra Gale and Jerry Lee Lewis

peter lorre
Peter Lorre

Loretta Lynn
Loretta Lynn

bernie mac
Bernie Mac

John Mellencamp
John Cougar Mellencamp

Eddie Murphy 48 HRS - Torchy's redneck bar
Eddie Murphy 48 HRS picture

sinead o'connor
Sinead O'Connor SNL pope image

Buck Owens
Buck Owens

parliament funkadelic
George Clinton and Bootsy Collins photo

dolly parton
Dolly Parton photo

joaquin phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix image

elvis presley
Elvis Presley picture

the gayest Prince picture ever

richard pryor
Richard Pryor and Lilly Tomlin

Quills movie

Bill Robinson
Bill 'Bojangles' Robinson picture

rolling stones
Rolling Stones image, with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts

saturday night live
Whitney Houston and Molly Shannon on Saturday Night Live

the shield
Vic Mackey on The Shield

Paul Simon
Simon and Garfunkel

simone simon
Simone Simon

south park

Sissy Spacek
nude Sissy Spacek image - Edenic glory

Bruce Springsteen
young Bruce Springsteen photo

Gwen Stefani
Gwen Stefani and No Doubt

Stormy Weather
Stormy Weather with Fayard and Harold Nicholas

Team America
Sean Penn in Team America

Tanya Tucker
young Tanya Tucker image

Conway Twitty
Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn

Walk the Line
Walk the Line

Fats Waller
Fats Waller image

white stripes
White Stripes photo

reese witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon photo

frank zappa
Frank Zappa with milk and cookies

posted by Al at 5/20/2006 01:12:00 AM

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