After a lifetime of 300+ pounds of morbid obesity, Lonesome Al Barger had gastric bypass surgery on April 4, 2014.  By August, I had to buy clothes anyway, and wasn't feeling quite so disgusted with what I saw in the mirror.  I discovered that I could buy all kinds of groovy duds for next to nothing at Goodwill - and God bless them.  Soon I was developing a fashion sense and started getting the idea of fashion as art and a statement of how you wanted people to see and think of you and really how I see myself.  Putting together fashion statements is great fun. 

For years, I have walked miles at a time through the streets for exercise.  Being seen and known as a guy who is out making that effort has long been one of my top preferred ways for people to think of me, even when I felt like a troll escaped from under my bridge.  But as I approached a regular size and started representing with my appearance, I started getting very different responses and people paying attention to me.  Strangers young and old - men, women and children are smiling and complimenting me in the streets, as well as family and friends.  Rather than simply taking walks, I often describe this now as "promenading."  Hey, who couldn't use some affirmation and validation?

Here are some of my early fashion concoctions in chronological order.  I think they get better chronologically.  I particularly like the more conceptual Orwell Redenbacher series with me as a crazy paranoid tinfoil hat wearing hillbilly. 

Minnie Pearl Look  August 2014

Blue Paisley Dreams of My Father  August 2014

Black and Mauve  September 2014

Agitated Orange  September 2014

Hillbilly Ska  September 2014

No Bette Jones  October 2014

Atlas Wears Pink  November 2014

Mad Hater  December 2014

Solstice Brown  December 2014

Yellow Cat in the Hat  March 2015

Orange Sunshine  June 2015

Orwell Redenbacher  June 2015


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