From the website of the BATF:

In the fall of 2005, The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) sponsored a kids’ art contest, in search of artwork for a permanent kids’ art wall exhibit decorating the new ATF headquarters building in Washington, D.C. ATF requested artwork from ATF employees’ children under the age of 14 that depicted what they thought their parents did at work.

More than 90 pieces of artwork were submitted; all of the submissions demonstrated extraordinary creativity and design. A panel of designers from a Cambridge, Massachusetts design firm selected 35 winners whose artwork will be displayed in the new exhibit for all ATF employees to enjoy.

Children, the lambs of God.  MoreThings is happy to share a few of their more choice works.

Children of course can't understand the complexities of adult business yet- but neither can most adults.  Here's the one picked as the grand prize winner.  Six year old Nicholas has at least some vague understanding that being in the BATF means that his parent is some kind of policeman

BATF picture of what 6 year old Nicholas thinks Daddy does for a living

Nine year old Christopher shows some understanding of the basic idea of police work as well.

some of the young Branch Davidians murdered by BATF

I don't actually know any of these people, but ten year old Riley seems to have some more specific idea of Daddy's work, with the idea of a "forward."  Heck, I don't know what a "forward" is.  Kid's got me.

Forward Observer

I doubt that six year old Ella Maria has any clue as to what Daddy or Mommy is involved with at work from anything you can tell by this picture.  Still, I find it quite pleasing to the eye. She definitely sees a happy world.  This may be my personal favorite.

Evette Fagan, killed by BATF at Waco

Seven year old Lexi thinks that Daddy hangs the moon.  It's nice to be able to think that, at least at that age.

child killed at Waco

Ten year old Ryan is proud of his Dad, as well.  

BATF propaganda

At twelve years, Billy's among the older entrants.  I don't know that shows great creative imagination, but this does seem to have pretty decent basic technical drawing competence for a pre-teen. 

Rose and Melissa Morrison, killed by BATF at WACO

Celina might have the best exhibit of actual artistic skill in the batch.  For but twelve years of age, she shows some style.

Innocent eight year old Sophia seems to think that Daddy's job consists of shooting at targets.

Little Kristen seems to pretty much think that Daddy spends the day playing fetch with a nice puppy.

young girl killed by ATF at Waco

Twelve year old Morgan thinks Daddy's in a Super Adventure Club, hiking in the mountains and such.  That's nice.

children killed by BATF in Waco

Young Master Donovan's only four, but he's got some kind of idea that Daddy gets to blow stuff up for a living!

Branch Davidian fire

Whereas four year old Luke just seems to imagine Daddy getting some kind of evil satisfaction, judging by that weird smile.

Waco fire

Eleven year old Brandon might have watched the Pocahontas movie once too often or something.  Or maybe he's just been reading press releases from the office left laying around.  Either way, he appears to think that BATF are saviors of the world!  

ATF saves the world!

Judy Schneider Koresh and Mayannah Schneider

Ten year old Cody has a slightly more modest view

baby murdered by ATF at the Branch Davidian compound

Twelve year old Courtney has definitely been reading the press releases from the office.

Nine year old Elena expresses the BATF/Daddy/savior theme with reasonably good poetic form for one her age, "Safe! Free! Secure"

ATF keeps us "safe, free, secure"

Twelve year old Katie has one of the more interesting drawings in this exhibit.  She seems to think that ATF are the judge and jury.  Actually, she's not far from right.

ATF - judge, jury -and executioners

What Katie perhaps is unaware of is that Daddy's people are not just judge and jury, but executioners as well.  Young Master Sammy Weaver there on the bottom or his mother Vicki above could tell you that- or would if partners of Katie's parents hadn't shot them dead at their own home.

Randy Weaver family

Perhaps Cheyenne has a better idea of what Daddy does than some of the others.  Is the Pa at Ruby Ridge getting ready to shoot Sammy and his Mom?

Young Dixon seems to have a pretty good idea what Daddies at the BATF are best known for.  Here's Daddy helping to burn down a church.

ATF burning a church

ATF burning a church

There's no sign in Dixon's drawing that he understands that Daddy's company burns churches down with the people still in them.  That'd be a lot to burden a child with, knowing that Daddy helps to murder women, mothers and children and grandmas like these, and their other friends and family whose pictures are mixed in amongst the drawings by the children of the people who murdered them.

US military attack on American civillians at Waco


Of course, none of these crimes of the BATF are any reflection on the innocent children who drew these nice pictures.  This breathtakingly hypocritical pretense of just trying to help out the kids is the work of adults.  It wouldn't be right to rebuke the children for the sins of their fathers, any more than it was right for their Daddies to murder all those families for whatever sins David Koresh may have committed.

They can just be glad that their folks aren't from an unpopular religion, or named Weaver.  Perhaps this angel drawn by Garryn will watch over all the other lambs of God slaughtered for no good reason by Daddy's compatriots.


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