Tori Amos at the pianosCOMMENTS: This is a distinctly cosmic putdown, as an eminently funky Mother Earth lets the immature Sky Father know what time it is. By the disrespectful tone of the record, you might jump to the conclusion that Tori is simply making a statement of atheism, but that's not it. The point isn't that he's not there as in non-existent, but that he's not there as in irresponsible. He is portrayed as just another deadbeat dad, an asshole father who won't pay his child support or take care of his kids.


By God, Tori sure knows how to do heresy up right. She's not angry, but funny as hell. She expressed this in a very enjoyable mid-tempo dance track, slow enough to let you see that she knows and means just what she's saying. Besides the words, the melodic phrasing is a mockery. Listen to how she sings "why you al-ways go when the wi-ind blows."


Props must also be paid to a Mr. Steve Caton who is credited with the guitar part. His screeching, atonal guitar leads drive this thing past flipancy into full-fledged blasphemy.  "Screeching and atonal" might suggest random squawking, but this is not. It is coherent and eloquent screeching, even catchy.


"God sometimes you just don't come through. Do you need a woman to look after you?"


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Tori Amos - Preacher's Kid Gone Bad!

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