COMMENTS:  First of all, this is perhaps the best basic blues groove the boss ever worked up.  Every part of this arrangement has its own logic and independent value.   The wailing harmonica gives great voice to both the despair and determination of the heroine.   The acoustic guitar is playing some good crisp distinctive rockin' blues shuffle.

I usually consider Springsteen to have one of the lesser bands among peers on his level, which includes particularly Mellencamp, Seger and Tom Petty.  The stiff, clumsy arrangement of this album's title song "Tunnel of Love" is the only  thing that keeps it off my list.  With the pulse of the drums and grooving bass, this is the nearest thing to a classic Rolling Stones sound the Boss ever got.

In the abbreviated pulses of melody, he urgently telegraphs the confusion and hurt of a young bride to be who suddenly finds herself instead to be a single mother, and how it matures her into a wiser and tougher adult. 

The title also represents Springsteen's best car metaphor.  "Spare parts and broken hearts keep the world turning around."  Hey - that's a good one!

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