COMMENTS: This is Springsteen's original model for the dramatic rock ballad,
a style that would yield his career-best record ("Jungleland"), then
eventually get a lobotomy and become known as Meatloaf.  This is probably not
quite fair to Meatloaf, however, and is certainly no knock on the Boss.

The song works structurally to the basic flood metaphor suggested by the
title.  He starts out with a few simple piano chords, singing quietly with a
little space between phrases, and an understated but urgent tempo.  It builds
up and drops back, develops some nice dynamics, before opening the throttle
and cranking on the organ and drums as the figurative floodwaters rise. 
Finally, it fades away as the waters recede and the final damage is assessed.

Lyrically, this song is in his groovy faux street-poet mode.  It does not, by
the way, describe a flood of water, but of consequences.  Like early Dylan
and unlike later Dylan and Springsteen, this early tune still evinces room
for levity. "Nuns run bald through Vatican halls, pregnant - pleading
immaculate conception."   Riiiiiiiiiight!

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