Of course, you never realized that God wore a fedora.
And now he is dead.

Gone to "The Big Casino in the Sky,"
where he has demoted
that ominous white-bearded cat
to second banana and occasional card dealer.

(Such games of chance suit Him well.)

And the long-gone $2 hookers of the press had better watch out.

"Yeah, you bums never thought heaven would be like Vegas, didja?"

He snarled at the cowering angels.
"Guess you didn't know Frank Sinatra was coming to town."

And now every time a bell ring-a-ding-dings,
an angel gets his wings
(and Frank gets a shot of Jack Daniels on the rocks).


(A tribute to the new chairman of the board of heaven by the Thug's Ma)


Frank Sinatra's cigarette butts

Holla Back!

Music Sustains the Soul

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