Prince Ballads

Posted by Al Barger on May 17, 2004 04:38 AM (See all posts by Al Barger)

I set out to put together a CD of Prince ballads. This kind of little project is fun as an aesthetic exercise, starting with just figuring out what recordings would fit the bill.

What do I mean by a ballad, exactly? Does it mean just songs with a slow tempo? Is "Money Don't Matter 2Night" a "ballad"? That moves at a pretty good clip, actually.

Fluffy, airy stuff like "Sometimes It Snows in April" was more what I started out with in mind, but then there are love ballads ("Adore") and sexy seduction ballads ("I Love U in Me" was cruelly cut for time constraints).

One or two songs got put in the mix that seemed somewhat marginal as to what I had in mind as "ballads." Still, "Diamonds and Pearls" was a huge hit and an outstanding song somewhere broadly in the range of ballads.

Here's the final lineup for an outstanding 78 minute Prince Ballad Mastermix CD:

Condition of the Heart
When 2R in Love
Slow Love
4 the Tears in Your Eyes
The Ladder
The Arms of Orion
Diamonds and Pearls
Nothing Compares 2U
The Beautiful Ones
Still Would Stand All Time
Sometimes It Snows in April
Purple Rain

Given the long lengths of most of these songs, it only takes 14 to fill a full length standard audio CD. From the cutting, I could probably come up with an outstanding second volume of Prince ballads. What do you think would be good to go on it?

Prince Rogers Nelson playing guitar onstage


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