COMMENTS: Christians are under biblical instruction to "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord," and that's just what Prince is doing here. Prince lays down some of his best all-ages party funk as accompaniment to some witnessing and conversion testimony. "I know there is a heaven, I know there is a hell. Listen to me people, I got a story to tell." He starts there, and tells about finding God, and the opposition of the devil - or in Prince parlance "Spooky Electric."


The flavor is pop fluffy, airy and light - almost ready to float right off into heaven. There is a good bass line - far be it from Prince to slight the basic funk essentials. The sound is very bright and cheery, though, leaning to peppy high end tom drum rhythm and animated horns.


The song structure is also unusual. It is really catchy and hummable, but there is no actual chorus, nothing repeated melodically. That it comes out like a sing-a-long is a tribute of the man's hooks-to-spare talent. He has party part A, then he brings it down with the talking-to-god-in-the-garden part. "My lord, he's so qui-et whe-e-e-en he calls your name." Then He (I mean Prince, so I probably shouldn't have capitalized the pronoun, but I wanted to be safe) comes back for the altar call.


The best evidence of divine involvement here from the point of view of a religious skeptic such as myself is the spark of creativity that his religious calling brought to his music. The particular happy pastel bounce of this song and most of the classic Lovesexy album it leads sounds like something that just fell from the sky. You can tell that it is Prince, but it sounds precious little like anything else he ever did - much less anyone else.


This is weird, joyful, bouncy music that doesn't sound like anything else. I'd call that divine.

Prince Rogers Nelson playing guitar onstage


Holla Back! 


Music Sustains the Soul

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