Macy Gray gets it up like Jebus on Easter morning

Macy Gray rates as the hottest, sexiest chick in the music business. With Sinead O'Connor officially retired, Macy has no real competition. Holy Jumpin' Jebus on Easter morning, but Macy Gray could make a dead man get up and walk.

She has a few songs that are directly sexual, notably a couple on her first album. "Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak" cuts a funky pop groove that Sly or even Prince would have been proud to claim. It even has an honest to God bridge.

"Caligula" probably constitutes her sleaziest, most positively morally decadent rutting groove, however. Yeah, it's that good. The organ part has a lot to do with getting it good and greasy.
"Hush the neighbors hear you moanin and groanin
But I just can't help it 'specially when we been bonin'"

Even when she's talking about sex, though, she's onto bigger things than the minor mechanical act. Unlike the emotionless and animalistic descriptions of Missy Elliott working it, or Janet Jackson at the Superbowl, Macy's always after some deeper emotional resonance ie soul. Frankly, I don't care that Missy Elliott shaves her cha-cha. I didn't need to know.

Even while she's talking about "bonin'" though, Macy's going on about fears that are being took away being with this guy, and missing those fears. There's a lot more going on than body parts. There are shades of emotional nuance.

Even in these most explicit songs she is singing about relationships. There is some kind of unique personal connection that results in her saying that "Every time you holler out my name you set me free."

The obviously sexually explicit songs are not the biggest turn ons in her work, though. Things closer to normal love song range really do the job. Oh, but "I Try" makes me nuts. It'll rate close to "Tracks of My Tears" musically- which is no small praise. If she came up with that velvet rasp, cooing "I try to say goodbye and I choke, I try to walk away and I stumble" in my ear, it'd be all over for me.

For direct romantic sentiments, it'd also be tough to beat "Sweet Baby" or the longing of "She Ain't Right for You."

What really seals the deal, though, are her psycho songs. The psycho stuff started out relatively controlled on the first album, with "I've Committed Murder." I think of it as her Santana song, except it's better written, more melodic and better developed compositionally than anything from Santana. Anyway, as narrator of the song, this woman kills a bitch over disrespecting her man. You have to love a woman who's got your back like this.

"My Fondest Childhood Memories" really caps this off as a peppy murderous fantasy of an adult cheerfully and proudly describing herself as a child killing her parents' paramours to keep the family together. She's got some really kinky psychology of devotion going on there that could make a poor farmboy lose his mind.

Finally, of course, buried in The Id lies her perfect comic psychotic romantic fantasy, "Give Me All Your Lovin' or I Will Kill You." She put across a gently bouncing and sinuous comic desperation that just begs for interpretive dance. She's singing about looking to find "peace for the war in me" while she's holding a gun to her intended's head. All I'm saying is that she would not need the AK to get my attention- though it might make for good foreplay.

Now in theory, I could imagine an argument that technically Macy Gray is an unexceptional physical specimen. If you're looking no further than a quarter inch deep, Britney Spears might make a better porn star. If you want to breed boring children with single digit IQs, Britney could be the woman of your dreams.

On the other hand, if you want talented offspring with strong personalities, Macy Gray would be the best breeding stock around.





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Macy Gray

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