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Screw Abraham Lincoln, m'kay?  Besides being a tyrant and betraying the constitution in many and horrible ways, he gets largely undeserved credit for supposedly freeing the slaves.  But that was not why he pushed his war of Northern aggression.  Before the war, in his famous open letter to newspaper editor Horace Greeley, Lincoln stated very clearly that his main irreducible goal was to "save the union" and said in so many words that he would be totally willing to keep the institution of slavery to do so.  But he actually fired one of his generals for having taken it on himself to free the slaves in some conquered Confederate territory.  It was only halfway into a war horrible and bloody beyond his expectations that he came up with the Emancipation Proclamation to put a moral facade over his body count.  And facade is exactly the right word, particularly considering that even this famous proclamation was carefully worded not to apply to Union states that still held slaves.

Then there's true abolitionist hero John Brown who really did knowingly and consciously give his life to free the slaves. He was a religious extremist on a mission from God.  He raided Harper's Ferry with his 19 men so true, and proceeded with the ammo toward his pronounced goal of heading south to lead an armed insurrection of slaves.  He was caught and executed before he got very far.  In the words of THE SONG, "They hung him for a traitor, they themselves the traitor crew, but his truth goes marching on."  These 150 years on, his body is long past moldering in the grave, but his spirit of true patriotism to the founding ideals of American liberty truly does go marching on. 

photo of abolitionist John Brown


Drawing of John Brown's famous raid on Harper's Ferry







beautiful vintage portrait photo of abolitionist hero John Brown








stern painting of John Brown with a long beard








vintage photograph of abolitionist John Brown

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