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Published 2-12-1987

Worthen condemns column

The Daily News discontinued a controversial weekly column Monday after an installment viewed by many as anti-semetic.  The following letter from University President John Worthen addresses the editorial board's decision.

To the Editor:

I write to express my appreciation to the editorial staff of The Daily News for the action taken regarding the "God and Country" column published in The Daily News on Monday, February 9.  I believe I speak for the vast majority of the members of our university community and for friends off campus in condemning the content and vitriolic nature of the column.  I deplore as well the decision that led to its printing.  Such incitements to base motives are not in keeping with the ideals and goals to which Ball State University aspires.

I am very aware that the First Amendment protects free speech and freedom of the press, but these freedoms are not absolute.  As a campus newspaper, you have the responsibility to exercise judgments about what is printed in The Daily News. The writer may hold whatever views he wishes, but The Daily News is not required to give him a forum to express those views.

It has been said that the only complete mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.  My hope in writing this letter is that this experience will not turn out to be a complete mistake, either for the author of the column or for the individuals who staff The Daily News.

John Worthen



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