Published 2-10-1987

'God and Country;'  Column discontinued for insensitivity to Jews

In Monday's column, "God & Country," junior Albert Barge made criticisms of the Jewish faith that in no way represent the opinions of the Daily News.

The Daily News apologizes for any grief caused by Barger's column, and it did not intend to offend anyone by publishing the column.

When Barger applied for a column, he said its purpose was to encourage people to examine and question the consequences of their beliefs.  He said Monday's column wasn't meant to incense Jews, but to illustrate what he saw as inconsistencies between political stances and religious beliefs of Christians.

Because of numerous phone calls and letters to the editor, it is apparent to The Daily News that Barger's column only offended and incensed readers.

For those reasons, "God & Country" has been discontinued.

The Daily News regrets its insensitivity in publishing Monday's column.


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