"The Trial of R Kelly"

"The Return of the King"

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The Boondocks television show is based on characters from Aaron McGruder's comic strip, but very different and exponentially more artistically interesting than the strip.  The strip tended to be a lot of Huey making half-assed quips about George Bush.  The show, however, has minimal politics (relatively speaking) in favor of characters, relationships and stories.  Plus, the show has Uncle Ruckus, who was only eventually shoehorned into the last months of the strip.  McGruder dropped the strip to concentrate on the show.  Good call.

The first episodes of the show aired in 2005.  As of November 2009, the show is still in production.  However, McGruder's only managed to produce two seasons for a total of 30 episodes in five years.  I'm not saying the niggas lazy, but he's definitely working on Colored People's Time.

I kid, I kid.  I do love the show, and if that's how long it takes him to make the thing right, that's just groovy.  Plus, I must to some extent credit that they put a lot more effort into the visual presentation than typical or even exceptional animated series such as The Simpsons.  This show looks beautiful.  I'd be happy to see the brother continue putting out an episode every couple of months for the next 20 years - quality over quantity.  It's all good.


Huey Freeman and Martin Luther King


Uncle Ruckus loves Jim Crow


The Boondocks


Colonel Stinkmeaner


Tom Dubois


Rollo Goodlove in "The Hunger Strike"



Aaron McGruder



Holla Back!

"Return of the King"

The Boondocks

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