Bernie Mac

Bernard McCullough aka Bernie Mac tries to talk sense to America

Now listen up, kids.  Uncle Bernie Mac was sick and had to go, but don't think you're just going to be running around like little out of control heathens.  Jordan, we're looking your direction.  You start acting a fool, don't think Bernie Mac won't reach up out the grave and bust your head till the white meat shows.

For starters, compare The Bernie Mac Show as an upper class black sitcom to the classic Bill Cosby show.  I say that Bernie Mac's show was 10 times funnier, and about 100 times more real.  Cosby bitched about his kids, but he never had anything as funny as Bernie's continuing threats to "bust their heads till the white meat shows." 

More significantly even, these children are each amongst the most memorable child characters in any live action sitcom ever.  Baby girl Bryanna (Dee Dee Davis) has more personality than the whole Cosby family- and she's the least interesting one here.  Bernie has described Camille Winbush's Vanessa as has Katherine Hepburn.  She's about that good.

But going to the ultimate all time "supporting" sitcom character who was really a co-star, Bernie has aptly described Jeremy Suarez playing Jordan as his Don Knotts. 


Jeremy Suarez





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Bernie Mac Will Bust Your Head Till the White Meat Shows!

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